The Head and The Heart.

My head wants a pragmatic leader capable of taking charge in cases of foreign relations and national security. This president would be enough of a centrist to accomplish some things I want for this country while making concessions in other areas, allowing for bipartisan reform with serviceable congressional relationships.

My heart hurts for the victims of the welfare gap, born into a persistent social class system designed to profit off of their collective labor and talents. My heart also wants a charismatic leader who governs with transparency and has the ability to draw out more of the >40 percent of the electorate who didn’t vote in 2012.

So which do you trust? The empathetic side led by a growing concern over social issues or the pragmatic centrist who may be able to actually push legislation through? Why do they two have to be mutually exclusive?

It’s been said that Bernie Sanders is the best thing to happen to the Clinton campaign. His far left rhetoric is forcing Hillary to adjust in ways inconceivable a year ago. And while Sanders is still a consensus 10 points behind Clinton, 10 percent of the party is undecided – leaving the candidates virtually neck and neck. This sort of competition is driving Clinton to call upon her dedicated voter blocs, like blacks and older women,while altering her positions just enough to appeal to the far left. Meanwhile Sanders is drawing in groups that don’t trust Clinton into the progressive fold and conversation.

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The Current Political Climate

Like the Earth’s ozone, the nation’s political climate¬†is heating up and it’s showing in the rhetoric of it’s presidential candidates. It’s election season; if the increasing red and blue placards sprouting up in neighborhoods across the country weren’t enough of a sign then it’s millions of political scientists who’ve no doubt emerged within US social circles. It is with the same frequency as the summer Olympics that people once again feel comfortable airing out their larger grievances with the American experience. And it is that same time where politicians have to seem like they care.
Whatever her complaints, America wants to be heard. Three candidates have so far emerged to be the best purveyors of the nations frustration. Their campaigns effectiveness can be see in this graph. Spanning from Last February to now, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are leagues above their presidential rivals in Google search term popularity.

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Life & the pursuit of culture.

Without painting it in such a way that over complicates even it’s most basic nuances, I want to talk about what it means to be alive and the responsibility that follows.

In many ways, our primary function doesn’t change much from the moment we are born. Humans push past bright lights and overwhelming sensation to snatch their first breath from the air.

The struggle is twofold.

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How I feel about blogs.

In order to dive into how I feel about blogs, I’ve got to define their purpose.
Above all, every successful blog that I know has a niche that is wholly apparent to it’s readers.

To list a few successful blogs that I follow: Pigeons and Planes, Pitchfork, FrontRow, Blogging the ‘Boys, and Bloody Elbow.

P&P and Pitchfork both covers indie and hip-hop music culture. Frontburner is the music and entertainment blog for D Magazine. Blogging the ‘Boys covers the Dallas Cowboys, often going past the typical national coverage. And The Bloody Elbow is a combat sports blog focusing on mixed martial arts news.

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