Life & the pursuit of culture.

Without painting it in such a way that over complicates even it’s most basic nuances, I want to talk about what it means to be alive and the responsibility that follows.

In many ways, our primary function doesn’t change much from the moment we are born. Humans push past bright lights and overwhelming sensation to snatch their first breath from the air.

The struggle is twofold.

Not only must we learn to quickly adapt to our physical surroundings, but not soon after we master our motor skills must we develop social skills. This is where struggle is born. Living and breathing and dying are easy. It’s the inbetween that is the disconnect.

Now this isn’t some finger wagging lecture on the sanctity of life or a primer on how to properly adjust. It’s an examination of of my view of life’s larger purpose, which is to further culture.

I define culture as the conglomerate conscious of the people. There are no truly negative or positive ways to  contribute to culture, we just do. Every decision we make is precursory to the next in a web of trends that define humanity. Every book read or not read, The thoughts we disseminate and the way we disseminate them contribute to what humanity is.

My philosophy in  life sounds abstract, and maybe it is. But I like to think of it as a minimalist micro train of thought with macro implications. For example, If I pass by the election booth on November 8, 2016, then one may think that I have not contributed to the presidential election, a large cultural event. But in actuality, the opposite has occurred. I’ve contributed to the trend in American politics of low voter efficacy. But ignoring the event, I have infact cast my vote of indifference, however decisions are still made one my behalf albeit with much less accountability on both sides.

Culture is the same. By both action and inaction we contribute to it. Isn’t it best to control what little wave you make in the rising tide?  So in short my philosophy in life is to embrace and further culture by participating in it’s dialogue. Either way it continues.


4 thoughts on “Life & the pursuit of culture.

  1. Throughout the majority of this post your philosophy on life did seem pretty abstract, it wasn’t until the last couple of paragraphs that I was able to gain a slight understanding on what your philosophy is. I could be wrong, but the message that I picked up on is that we contribute to society whether we realize it or not, and we should make an impact while doing it. Either way the philosophy was interesting and I was intrigued throughout, and I look forward to discussing this on Wednesday so that I can learn more about your philosophy and gain a clear understanding of it

  2. This post is extremely well-written and very intellectual. You possess a very interesting viewpoint that interests me and the way you presented it kept my attention throughout the post. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

  3. Thought this was nicely written. Really like your philosophy and thoughts on the pursuit of life. It’s interesting to see how other people perceive life. If we sit down and think about it, everything we do impacts someone/something in some way and we aren’t always aware of it.

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