The Current Political Climate

Like the Earth’s ozone, the nation’s political climate is heating up and it’s showing in the rhetoric of it’s presidential candidates. It’s election season; if the increasing red and blue placards sprouting up in neighborhoods across the country weren’t enough of a sign then it’s millions of political scientists who’ve no doubt emerged within US social circles. It is with the same frequency as the summer Olympics that people once again feel comfortable airing out their larger grievances with the American experience. And it is that same time where politicians have to seem like they care.
Whatever her complaints, America wants to be heard. Three candidates have so far emerged to be the best purveyors of the nations frustration. Their campaigns effectiveness can be see in this graph. Spanning from Last February to now, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are leagues above their presidential rivals in Google search term popularity.

Each candidates rise can be attributed to a few correlating factors that resonate with their respective constituents. Donald Trump appeals to an older, far-right conservative party base that wants a scaled back federal government. Trump provides this and a carousel of boogeymen to blame the nations financial woes on. And apparently he is on course to secure the Republican nomination. As displayed, his rise to political prominence was late and very sudden.

Bernie Sanders has the youth vote, calling on millennials to create a political revolution. His appeal lies in his far left ideology, including a call to tax the vaunted “one percent” more harshly and his proposed heavy subsidization of university education.  The amount of Sanders grassroots funding alone demonstrates how frustrated the American people are with the state of the union.

Lastly, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has struggled to keep up with the amount of excitement coming from the Sanders camp by a slight margin. While Trump is running virtually unopposed it seems, Clinton has to cling to her moderate-left base and corporate ties to funding. Her message focuses more on her international relations experience and her ability to navigate the American people through treacherous terrorist waters. Her voter base are older, centrist Democrats who remember the good her husband did while in office. She struggles with the younger generation.

This all of course is simply the beginning of a carousel that will stop spinning in a year or less.


2 thoughts on “The Current Political Climate

  1. You’ve done an excellent job of providing your opinion backed with solid evidence. I feel more informed about some of the presidential candidates just by reading your post. I think you could have gone into detail about some of the other “unknown” candidates, such as Kasich. Overall, the way you break down and analyze is your best skill.

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