Entering Viceland.

It’s been a little over a month since the news organization Vice launched its own network of original programming and the results already look promising. By pulling together the brands resources from its web series and documentary features, Vice managed to fill up an entire TV lineup with personalities like Ellen Page, Eddie Huang and Action Bronson. While the HBO Vice Series is aimed at objective documentary, Viceland television programs generally lean toward the bias of the various hosts. I’ve got my take on the current offerings below. All of these shows are available online with your cable login at viceland.com.


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Ranking Kanye West Releases after TLOP

Kanye West once again set the hip-hop world ablaze on the day of St. Valentine, 2016. When The Life of Pablo dropped listeners could only enjoy it through Tidal’s music service, leading many to ignore the album until it agreed to terms with Spotify and Apple Music this past week.

Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3Lo and behold, Hip-Hop’s savior has returned with TLOP. For those of you who waited until it’s release this week, congratulations. You missed out on all of the unfinished drama circulating and jumped straight to the good part.

Now that some time has passed and we’ve had time to digest the music, let’s go ahead and compare The Life of Pablo to some of Kanye’s other works: starting from his lowest ranked LP to his best work.

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(This is an entry on my hobbies, one of which is assembling model kits from the Japanese Animated series, Gundam.)

Japanese animation comes in so many different genres and styles that a room full of average fans could all have different tastes. One of the oldest and most popular forms of anime is mecha anime, which often depicts humans operating robots of various size in combat situations. This can be divided further into Super Robots and Real Robots. If you’d like an easy way to remember the difference, think of Super Robots like Power Rangers or Voltron – super heroes piloting unrealistic flying super machines. Real Robot anime normally feature smaller, more industrialized machines often portrayed in military conflict.
Today, we look at one of the pioneers of mecha anime, a Real Robot classic that has remained ahead of the curve for nearly 40 years.


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